Skinska Pharmaceutica is Reshaping Skincare with a Holistic Vision and Global Expansion

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The Skinska product range has grown exponentially since its inception.

New Delhi (India), November 23: Nowadays in the world of skincare and cosmetics, there are brands that capture people’s attention not only for their products but also for their underlying philosophy and commitment to holistic beauty. Skinska Pharmaceutica Limited is one such brand that is setting new industry standards. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ram Chintalapudi, SKINSKA combines passion, expertise, and a commitment to holistic beauty, rapidly ascending from its humble beginnings to become a prominent player in the global skincare market. Established in 2018, Skinska has gained recognition for both its product quality and its dedication to sustainability and overall wellness.

Skinska started its journey with a humble offering of 20 products. However, what truly set them apart from the beginning was their unwavering commitment to quality. While the skincare industry is often crowded with products that make extravagant claims, Skinska choose a different path. From the outset, they focused on crafting formulations that were not only effective but also safe and nourishing for the skin.

The Skinska product range has grown exponentially since its inception. Today, they proudly offer over 50 products, spanning various categories such as Skin, Body, Hair, Pharma, Cosmetics, and 100% Natural Handmade chemical-free soaps with eco-friendly packaging solutions. Each product is a result of meticulous research and a dedication to using the finest ingredients that nature has to offer and raw materials and some of the best in class patented molecules are sourcing from France, Spain, Belgium, Canada, USA, South Korea, Switzerland, and Taiwan etc.,

Mr. Ram Chintalapudi journey is a testament to the power of global exposure and academic acumen. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters in Human Resources Management, he embarked on a remarkable journey that would eventually lead to the establishment of Skinska Pharmaceutica Limited in the United Kingdom India and the Skinska is registered in UAE marketplace and Products registration Regulatory work is in the pipeline. One of the defining features of Mr. Chintalapudi professional life is his extensive travel experience, which has taken him to more than 50 countries. This exposure to diverse cultures, lifestyles, and beauty traditions has enriched his perspective and greatly influenced the vision behind Skinska. It is a journey marked by a quest for excellence, a passion for skincare, and a deep understanding of the intricate connections between wellness and beauty.

Over the past five years, Skinska has garnered a well-deserved reputation for excellence in skincare and cosmetics. Their commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed, and this is reflected in the numerous awards and accolades they have received.

One noteworthy aspect of Skinska’s journey is its active participation in state-level CUTICONs at Andhra, Telangana, and West Bengal IADVL events. These events serve as platforms for professionals in the dermatological and cosmetology fields to exchange ideas and showcase innovations. Skinska’s presence and recognition in these events underscore its credibility and standing in the industry.

Doctor’s Choice: A Testament to Trust 

In the realm of skincare and cosmetics, trust is paramount. It is a trust that is earned through consistent quality, safety, and effectiveness. Skinska’s commitment to these principles has resonated with healthcare professionals, particularly doctors. Several hundred Dermatologists across India have not only endorsed but also actively prescribing Skinska’s top 20 registered brands to their patients.

These brands, which include DEWSKA Moisturising Cream, Lotion, SKINSKA NATURAL Soaps, KETOSKA Soap, TRESRICH Shampoo, FACCIA Face Wash, DEWSKA Baby Bath Soap, DEWSOL Urea Cream, GLÖDEYE Under Eye Cream, DEWSKA Moisturising Soap, TRESRICH Capsules, KETOSKA-Z Shampoo, CEROC C3 Face Serum, Dewska Bact Anti-Bacterial Soap, KOJISKA Cream, VITFIZ Effervescent Tablets, S-SHIELD Sunscreen Lotion, CALMYK Lotion, LEVOSKA Tablets, TERBISKA Tablets, and ULTRAOMEG Capsules have become staples in the dermatological and cosmetology community.

The Vision Continues: The story of Skinska Pharmaceutica Limited and its founder, Mr. Ram Chintalapudi, is a tale of unwavering commitment, unwavering dedication, and an unwavering vision. For those interested in delving deeper into the remarkable journey of Skinska Pharmaceutica Limited and its founder, Mr. Ram Chintalapudi, you can explore their official website 

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