2024’s Power Players: Top 10 Businesses Rewriting The Indian Economy

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New Delhi (India), January 17: Discover the narrative of the top 10 businesses rewriting the Indian economy. From tech giants forging the future to disruptors reshaping industries, the list focuses on the frontrunners transforming the commercial sectors. Delve into the faces of success as these businesses redefine the benchmarks for excellence in the competitive market.

  1. Autointelli

AutoIntelli, a pioneer in AI-powered IT operations (AIOps), has emerged as a global leader in automation solutions. Its journey, marked by constant innovation and prestigious awards, exemplifies its impact on reshaping the IT landscape.

AutoIntelli distinguishes itself in the technology sector through a dedicated commitment to AIOps innovation, propelling operational efficiency and redefining IT operations. The company has been bestowed with numerous prestigious accolades, including an acknowledgement from Aditya Birla Mohan Kumaramangalam in 2019, a 2020 award from the Indian Government at Chunaiti 2.0, and international recognition 2022 from the UK Parliament.

In 2023, AutoIntelli’s excellence in e-governance automation received acclaim from the Tamil Nadu Governor and a prestigious shortlist for the National Award by the Government of India. It has earned a coveted spot among the top 5 contenders for the National Award for the best IT infrastructure Automation company. This recent nomination, among 10 lakh contenders, underscores AutoIntelli’s leadership in the IT sector.


2. Lyfeindex Limited

Is the feeling of a loved one fading with time? At Lyfeindex, founder Manoj Swarup believes every life deserves to be remembered, a story woven into the history of memories.

Losing his mother three years ago ignited a passion within him. Her struggles, sacrifices, love – he couldn’t bear the thought of them disappearing. Writing a book felt fleeting, so he craved a platform to echo her story for generations.

Lyfeindex is that platform. It’s not just about remembering kings and queens, but the everyday heroes – mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends. Each life holds unique experiences, lessons, and love that deserve to be shared, cherished, and passed down.

Lyfeindex’s journey has been fueled by love, loss, and a deep desire to connect. With the founder’s 11-year-old daughter’s remarkable understanding, who played a part in naming this venture – Lyfeindex exemplifies the enduring power of life’s stories.


3. Ample Websol

Ample Websol, a seasoned player in Corporate Website Development, Software Development, and Digital Marketing, celebrates over eight years of excellence in the IT industry. The firm, renowned for its proficiency, delivers web development services of varying complexities globally.

Boasting a robust team of skilled IT professionals, Ample Websol, under the visionary leadership of Tapankumar Soni, Founder and CEO of Ample Websol, prioritises quality and continuous learning, helps him to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, ensuring consistent customer satisfaction. With a portfolio of 400+ successfully developed websites, the organisation, guided by Tapankumar Soni’s vision, caters to business owners seeking Digital Marketing and Website Development Services.

Ample Websol’s Vision, steered by Tapankumar Soni, Founder and CEO of Ample Websol, is to assist brands in establishing a strong presence in Vadodara by leveraging local market insights and a wealth of resources. The Mission, championed by Tapankumar Soni, is to foster sustainable growth for clients in rankings, traffic, and overall business success. 


4. Preheal Innovations Private Limited

Preheal, a pioneer in digital healthcare solutions, is evolving healthcare access in India. Focused on reaching the unserved and transforming lives, Preheal provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for all healthcare needs.

The organisation’s unique selling proposition (USP) lies in its comprehensive provision of services and products throughout the entire life cycle of a patient, spanning from the onset of the disease to the patient’s recovery. The organisation offers a preheal health card to promote the concept of a family physician, encouraging regular annual health check-ups, diet counselling, and physical assessment to address potential health emergencies preemptively.

The innovative platform offers diverse services, including doctor consultations, hospital facilities, home health services, diagnostic centres, radiology, physiotherapy, mental health counselling, massage therapy, beauty parlours, and cosmetic laser clinics – all at users’ fingertips.

With over 30 services, verified, experienced doctors, and user-friendly mobile application management, Preheal is reshaping the healthcare landscape.


5. PsychiCare

Recognising the increasing importance of mental health, PsychiCare, India’s leading online mental health counselling and therapy platform, strives to deliver personalised care and support to its clients. Offering an array of specialised services encompassing mental health, child counselling, marriage and international counselling, PsychiCare is a trusted and reputable brand committed to enhancing mental well-being.

Facing life’s challenges becomes more manageable with PsychiCare’s team of skilled psychologists and psychiatrists. Addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and relationship problems, the platform’s compassionate therapists create a space for individuals that is safe to discuss their experiences and work towards personal goals.

PsychiCare believes in the significance of every mental health concern, offering comprehensive online therapy options, including CBT, MBSR, and more. Its experienced therapists specialise in addressing various issues, from minor psychological challenges to more complex concerns like anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma.


6. Raadix Automotive

Raadix Automotive has an extensive network of DEF filling stations strategically positioned nationwide. This network, thoughtfully placed for ease of access, guarantees smooth vehicle operations and minimised user downtime. Proudly presenting a lucrative franchise opportunity, Raadix invites entrepreneurs to join its network, offering a pathway to progressive income.

The focus is reaching out to Dhaba owners, hotel and restaurant proprietors, parking lot managers, truck-related garage owners, wheel alignment centre operators, truck owners, drivers, transport companies, weighbridge managers, and transport hub operators. Raadix is the exclusive brand providing DEF stations along highways, making it convenient for BS6 Diesel vehicles to refuel. 

Its DEF complies with strict regulations and emission standards approved by Metrology, ensuring precise volume dispensing. Raadix prioritises quality by using premium ingredients and adhering to rigorous production processes.


7. Pradeep Bhanot’s The Cosmic Voice

In the domain of Astrology and Vastu, Acharya Pradeep Bhanot emerges as a luminary veteran, etching a unique narrative shaped by experience and sagacity. Guided by the venerable Dr Ajai Bhambi Ji, the eminent astrologer appears as an expert in Vedic astrology and Vaastu Shastra, unveiling enigmatic secrets.

With an experience spanning over 19 years, the CEO of ‘Pradeep Bhanot’s The Cosmic Voice’ has intricately forecasted the destinies of global celebrities. He has graced the international stage, offering profound insights into the celestial dance.

A disciple of the Parashara school, Pradeep seamlessly blends his traditional knowledge with modern approaches, boasting an 80% accuracy in astrological augury. Beyond predictions, his mission includes mentoring seekers through life’s cosmic positions translating planetary movements into logical conclusions.

Pradeep Bhanot’s forte lies in transcending celestial influences and harmonising cosmic energies through astrology, Vastu Shastra, and spiritual counsel.


8. Astrology Club

For 14 years in Tarot Cards, Numerology, Reiki Healing & Vastu Shastra, Khushboo Shokeen is a renowned figure committed to assisting individuals with her profound knowledge. Her vision to facilitate women’s financial independence, mainly through familial responsibilities, has helped many ladies.

Astrology Club was founded to empower individuals to launch fulfilling careers from the comfort of their homes, imparting comprehensive understanding and practical insights drawn from Khushboo’s extensive experience. The courses, focused on tarot numerology and occult subjects, challenge stereotypes and foster a profound knowledge of the subjects.

With a global reach, Khushboo has successfully guided numerous students to become thriving consultants. Attaining titles like Jyotish Shiromani and Ank Jyotish Shiromani, she is recognised as the best Tarot Reader in Delhi for 2016, 2022, & 2023.


9. Planet Dental Clinic

In Allahabad, Planet Dental Clinic is an innovative dental care led by the experienced Dr. Ashutosh Chaudhri. With a focus on “In-house Aligner Manufacturing,” this clinic is changing people’s narrative of orthodontic treatment. Dr Chaudhri, an expert in diagnosing and planning treatments for young and adult orthodontic patients, has long-standing experience and a remarkable track record in handling complex cases.

Planet Dental Clinic offers a spectrum of advanced procedures, from braces to pedodontist services, aesthetic dentistry, and tooth-coloured (composite) fillings. The skilled team of dental professionals at Planet Dental Clinic is focused on treatments. They are dedicated to ensuring an outstanding and compassionate patient experience.

Patients stepping into this modern facility can expect a smooth blend of expertise, advanced treatments, and a touch of warmth that defines the human side of dental care. Embrace the future of dental excellence with Planet Dental Clinic, where innovation meets compassionate patient-centric care.


10. Sona Mandi KRS Gold & Diamond Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

Sona Mandi KRS Gold & Diamond Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., established in 2000, is one of North India’s most prestigious gold and diamond jewellery wholesalers. Stemming from the commitment of 28-year-old Vaibhav Singla to uphold his family’s legacy after his father’s passing, the brand effortlessly blends tradition and innovation to craft timeless pieces with sentimental value.

Guided by Singla’s vision, Sona Mandi KRS started with an initial capital of 50 lakhs and has grown into a thriving enterprise, building a reputation as a top-notch brand. Every creation from Sona Mandi KRS is a masterpiece of precision and grace, carefully handcrafted by artisans possessing invaluable skills.

Sona Mandi KRS, under the expert hands of seasoned artisans, turns age-old techniques into contemporary expressions of luxury. Step into a world where heritage meets innovation with Sona Mandi KRS, and let each piece whisper a story of enduring beauty and exceptional artistry.


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