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New Delhi (India), January 23: The Inauguration ceremony of the newly extended court building at Palghar was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Justice Shri Nitin Sambare of the High Court, Bombay, Hon’ble Justice Mrs Gauri Godse of the High Court, Mumbai, Srinivas Agarwal, Principal District and Sessions Judge, Thane, Anirudha Pratinidhi District Judge and Addl Session Judge, Palghar, Tejal Thakur. Chairman Palghar Bar Association, Palghar., The program featured a traditional Tarpa Adivasi dance to welcome the judges. The judges were notably impressed and pleased with the musical performance.

Hon’ble Justice Shri Nitin Sambare emphasized preserving Adivasi traditions and values alongside legal traditions; despite being declared an independent revenue district, Palghar was not recognized as a judicial district. To establish Palghar as a judicial district, The judiciary must believe that tribal tradition and justice should be combined. Sambare said that tribal values and culture should be preserved. This culture and values should be respected, but tribals should also understand the judicial tradition. The courts must coordinate both and emphasize the principles of justice. He brought this matter to the audience’s attention by referring to a judgment of the Supreme Court.

Tejal Thakur, President of the Palghar Bar Association, said that all the judges and justices who came to Palghar became famous. Hon. Justice Abhay Oak became the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court, and now the Supreme Court Justice, Bombay High Court Justice Varale Saheb, was promoted to the Supreme Court. Thane District Court Chief Justice Abhay Mantri Sir became the Hon’ble Bombay High Court Judge. Gaurav Uddar.

Although Palghar became an independent revenue district in 2014, Palghar is not recognized as a judicial district, so let us bring this matter to the notice of the High Court so that Palghar becomes a judicial district, Justice Nitin Sambare of the Bombay High Court expressed his opinion in Palghar. Justice Sambre indicated that individuals like Varale Saheb and many other Judges working in Palghar and other places also have the opportunity to ascend to higher judicial positions.

Hon’ble Justice Mrs Gauri Godse of the High Court, Mumbai, emphasized the need to preserve Adivasi values and culture by paying respect and incorporating them into legal practices. The commitment is to maintain the Adivasi heritage and ensure a harmonious coexistence of legal principles and cultural values in Palghar. Justice Gauri Godse acknowledged the significant contribution of legal professionals and jurists in the region toward making Palghar a judicial district.

Hon’ble Srinivas Agarwal, Principal District and Sessions Judge, Thane, requested the bar and bench to provide timely justice to the litigants, adhering to the goal of the Constitution of India.

Hon’ble Anirudh Pratinidhi, District Judge and Addl Session Judge Expressed gratitude and gave a vote of thanks to all those who strive for the grand success of this programme.

The program was a grand success, which witnessed a Hundred judges from Maharashtra attending the inauguration of the Annexe Palghar court and judicial judges from the Palghar District, Shri. A.P. Kokare Civil Judge, Senior Division, Palghar And Shri. S. Y. Kadam Jt. Civil Judge S.D. & Additional C.J.M., Palghar were seen gracing the occasion.

The Palghar Bar Association advocates who participated in the event are Adv Amrut Adhikari, Adv Sanjay Kumar Shukla, Adv Hemprakash Tarde, Adv Deepak Bhate, Adv Jayant Raut, Adv Anand Mali, Adv Suresh Mahadik, Adv Sudheer Gupta, Adv Dharmendra Bhat, Adv Sanjay Dalvi, Adv Atul Patil, Adv Santosh Yadav, Adv Rajendra Mali, Adv Nachiket Tarde, adv Chinmay Raut, Adv Iindrajeet Singh, Adv Hitendra Mhatre, Adv R.S Thakur, Adv N. R Joshi, R.B Raut, Adv Smt. Vinita Patil., Adv Smt Asha Marwadi .Adv Avtari Gupta, Adv Smt Preeti Bhanushali Gupta, Adv Smt Nilima Tiwari, Adv Vijay Sankhe, adv Smt. Rameela Rana, adv Dinesh Dalvi, Adv Vinde, Adv Swapnil Pawar Smt adv Mansi Mahale, Adv Avtaru Gupta not avatar, Adv Mogre, Adv Preshila Mogre, Adv T.Y Adhikari, Adv Datta Adode, Adv Ramesh Pal, Adv Sawle, Adv Mhatre, Adv Dauda, Adv Naveen Gharat, Adv Smt Berde, Adv Smt Junnarkar, Adv Nikhil Raut, Adv Geeta Sankhe, Adv Manisha Rana Adv Akram, Adv Sandeep Gaikwad Adv Kiran Gaikwad, Adv Dharmsen Gaikwad, Adv Uchit Patil Adv Smt Swapnali sane, Adv Prasad Vaidya, Adv Chinmay sane, Adv Jayesh Patil, Adv Supriya save and the Palghar Bar Association Committee members president Smt Tejal Thakur, vice president- Adv Smt Sanyukta Tamore, secretary – Adv Smt Priya Vadraikar, Adv Smt. kadu, voice secretary Adv Dhananjay Lokhande, and others.

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