NEHA GUPTA- A mission to Normalize Therapeutic learning / An effort to make therapeutic learning more commonplace

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Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can be.” – Rita Pierson

New Delhi (India), February 9: In today’s society, where competitiveness and achievement are often the focus, it’s crucial to remember that some people need extra care and attention. 

These people, sometimes known as special needs children or psychiatric patients, have significant challenges in their daily lives. 

Neha Gupta shines as a beacon of hope and support for individuals. Her objective and vision as a certified psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council are to work with these particular people in a multi-specialty approach that includes: –

●Occupational therapy.

●Special education.

●Speech therapy. 

●Behaviour therapy.

●Sensory difficulties.

Being licenced by RCI, she is able to provide complete care to individuals of all ages. She 

also works with elderly mental patients and performs psychometric assessments, 

including those for depression and anxiety.

Finding Strength in Vulnerability

Neha Gupta’s personal life tale and experiences inspired her to work in this sector. Growing up, she encountered obstacles and tribulations, which gave her a better understanding of the issues that people with special needs endure. When she sees the grief and hardships of parents of special needs children, she is reminded of her struggles, which motivates her to work more in this profession.

Mission and Vision: Steps for Successful Implementation

As a certified psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council, Neha Gupta is motivated by a desire to work in a multi-speciality setting, focusing on children with special needs. Her method encompasses occupational therapy, special education, speech therapy, behaviour treatment, and sensory difficulties. Furthermore, she broadens her reach to adult psychiatric patients, aiming for a holistic approach to mental health.

From Dreams to Reality: The Journey of Being Featured on Crazy Tale

Neha Gupta’s efforts have found resonance in the wider society, as highlighted in an article by the prestigious web portal Crazy Tales. This recognition not only affirms her commitment but also feeds her determination to make a difference in the lives of those with special needs. It is included in Crazy Tale as a monument to the unwavering dedication and influence achieved in the domain of mental health, demonstrating that notoriety, while not the ultimate goal, is unquestionably fulfilling.

Nourishing Your Mind and Body: The Antarman Approach

Antarman Healthy Mind & Body Clinic is the Best Special Learning Centre In Delhi. Which provide comprehensive and personalized educational services for students with special needs.  Aims to empower our students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in life.

 The Clinic is staffed with highly qualified and experienced teachers, therapists, and support staff who are dedicated to providing our students with the best education possible. This special learning program offer a variety of educational programs and services for students with various types of disabilities, including: Learning difficulties, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Physical disabilities, sensory processing disorders.

The objective is simple: to provide a holistic approach that supports both the mind and the body. 

Inspiring Stories of Transformation: How Lives Have Been Impacted

Our focus goes beyond simply treating symptoms; we seek to help people understand and regulate their emotions successfully. Antarman is concerned with the overall well-being of everyone we meet. We hope to inspire long-term transformation in the lives we touch by giving tools for emotional understanding and management.

Antarman Healthy Mind and Body is a catalyst for good developments in the field of mental health advocacy, not just a service provider. The success is measured not only in numbers but also in the innumerable experiences of people who have found a way to better mental health thanks to the compassionate efforts of Antarman’s dedicated team.

She had had the opportunity to work with almost 5000 patients over the previous 15 years. Each of these people has made an indelible impression on her, and she is grateful to have been a part of their paths to better mental health. Her objective has always been to work with people who have mental health issues and assist them in understanding and managing their emotions appropriately. She is glad to announce that we were able to achieve this aim and make a positive difference in the lives of many people thanks to her efficient approaches and insightful recommendations.

Finally, she believes in a meaningful future in which people with special needs are empowered and given the assistance they require to succeed. She hopes to continue affecting the lives of many people through her work and to help create a more inclusive and understanding society for those with special needs.




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