Change is Here: 10 Bold Businesses in the Booming Indian Market

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New Delhi (India), February 22: In 2024, a new wave of innovative enterprises is rising, driven by enthusiasm to succeed and make a positive impact. From tackling healthcare disparities to empowering rural communities, these diverse businesses are changing the game across sectors. Get inspired by ten emerging ventures shaking up the Indian landscape: businesses harnessing tech for financial inclusion, platforms promoting mental well-being, and companies pioneering sustainable waste management solutions.

1. OSM Interiors

Founded in 2016 by Mr. Salman and Mr. Sadiq, Osm Interiors has established itself as a leader in Hyderabad’s design scene, being the #1 Most Affordable and #1 Ranked Luxury Interior Design Company in Hyderabad. This unique combination allows them to bring stunning, high-quality spaces within reach for a broader range of clients, regardless of budget. Their skilled design team boasts the versatility to craft any style desired, from modern to classic, ensuring each project reflects the individuality of its owner.

Osm Interiors’ founders felt everyone should have a welcoming and functional space, so they chose to mix elegant design with affordable solutions.

Osm Interiors goes beyond aesthetics, providing a two-year free service warranty and ensuring on-time delivery. The design house manages all facets of the client’s project for both residential and commercial properties, including landscaping, fit-out, and architectural design. 

Osm Interiors’ skilled decorators and designers have a track record of turning average areas into exceptional places to live and work. The firm created a streamlined procedure to guarantee their clients a seamless and stress-free experience.

To design your home interiors with Osm, please contact:

+91 9536700999, +91 7022586265



2. Ravetkar Group

In Pune, a name synonymous with redevelopment and sustainability is Ravetkar Group. Founded by Amol Ravetkar, its reputation for completing successful re-development projects stems from a commitment to quality and personal attention. While a model for e-development, Pune faces challenges, particularly in areas with narrow roads, hindering redevelopment due to unresolved Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) issues. 

Despite demand, Pune’s airport needs more runway extensions and connectivity improvements, limiting the city’s potential. Ravetkar Group acknowledges the need for luxury and sustainability in its projects, emphasising green building certifications. The company prioritise natural light, ventilation, and energy conservation to reduce future maintenance costs, ensuring sustainability and affordability for residents, especially seniors.

Amol Ravetkar’s focus on user-friendly amenities and stringent quality checks stresses his commitment to delivering the best to its clients. Ravetkar Group aims to contribute to Pune’s growth and address current challenges, fostering a more sustainable and vibrant urban landscape.

3. Synergy Hotels & Resorts

Synergy Hotels & Resorts, established in 2003, is a leading hospitality representation company serving the Gujarat tourism industry. Their team, led by founders Thomas Koshy and Shailesh Vyas, boasts extensive experience in hotel management and sales, ensuring exceptional service for hotels and travel partners.

Thomas Koshy, a passionate hotelier, brings over 28 years of experience in the hospitality industry, from renowned brands like Sterling Holiday Resorts and Sarovar Hotels to tour companies like Cox and Kings. He established Synergy in 2003 to leverage his expertise and create a trusted platform for hotels and DMCs. Shailesh Vyas, joining the team in 2011, added valuable experience from Sarovar Hotels, Tulip Star Hotels, and The Lalit Group.

Synergy’s commitment to quality has earned them recognition as the Best B2B Hotel Representation Company at the Tourism Awards multiple times. Their focus on building trust with hotels, DMCs, and travel partners across Gujarat and other parts of India has established them as a reliable partner for the industry. 

4. Hashtag Counselling

With over two decades of experience, Mrs Monalisa Singh, the founder and chief psychologist at Hashtag Career Counselling, is helping students make the right career choices. Established in 2012, the counselling institute targets students and parents needing career and mindful guidance.

Mrs SIngh, an MBA in Human Resource Management and a Master’s in Psychology, has successfully counselled 2500 students. Her 360-degree solutions-oriented approach, evident through personalised one-on-one consultations, has garnered positive outcomes.

Apart from professional roles, Mrs. Singh actively engages in voluntary service. Collaborating with NGOs and working at Rashtra Bhasha Vidyalaya, Guwahati, and Assam, she contributes to underprivileged students’ education.

At Hashtag, the focus is holistic development. Recognising the importance of well-being alongside academics, Mrs. Singh fosters a positive and inclusive environment grounded in core values of altruism, love, and equality. Her collaborative approach emphasises the transformative power of working together, guiding students towards fulfilling careers.

5. Dr. Mom Herboveda

Dr. Mom Herboveda Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2020 to improve lives by combining Authentic Ayurvedic Remedies with Modern Science Technology for Lifestyle Diseases. Led by Rishi Sharma, the company manufactures and supplies a variety of Ayurvedic and Herbal medicines under the trusted brand name “Dr. Mom.”

Quality and sustainability are guaranteed by their GMP-certified production facility, which is committed to environmental responsibility and follows the regulations of Good Production Practices. A dedicated laboratory and team of experts conduct continuous research and development, refining product quality and exploring new horizons based on quick relief formulations. 

Dr. Mom provides more than 20 products that address various health issues, from extracts, tonics, and syrups to oils, gels, powders and granules. Concerns like heart health, diabetes control, general and critical care, women’s and men’s health, child care, immunity and personal hygiene are all addressed by their product line.

Crafted with nature’s finest, Dr. Mom offers trusted Ayurvedic Formulations, an honouring tradition for a healthy environment and its customers.

6. Brandatory

Brandatory is a beacon of hope for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Founded by the visionary Arjuni Nag, its journey began six years ago with a singular mission: to empower every business with the tools and strategies needed to excel in the digital age. With dedication, it has served over 250 clients worldwide, fostering partnerships built on quality, affordability, and unwavering support.

At Brandatory, innovation is at the core of its ethos. Integrated AI has been pivotal in revolutionising its marketing campaigns, propelling businesses to new heights of success. As a leading Creative Branding & Digital Marketing agency, it understands the transformative power of storytelling and community-building.

The company aspires to create a future where every MSME, not just in India but globally, has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Brandatory is a movement to empower millions of businesses and reshape the fabric of success on a global scale.



Phone: +91 8337079399 

7. Rayvti Staffing

Founded in 2023 by Abhishek Sharma, Rayvti Groups has emerged as a prominent player in the global recruitment landscape. From a Junior Recruiter to the founder of Rayvti Staffing, Abhishek’s journey reflects his passion for connecting talent with opportunities.

Abhishek’s prior experience in engineering workforce recruitment for USA clients laid the foundation for his company’s expansion into the UK and other European markets.

Rayvti Staffing, Abhishek’s brainchild, is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and belief in the power of recruitment to drive professional growth. Specialising in IT and Engineering domains across five countries, the company prides itself on its client-focused approach and comprehensive end-to-end recruitment services.

Rayvti Staffing ensures every candidate gets their deserved placement for a minimal fee. Moreover, the team is driven by a shared focus on excellence and understanding the importance of time and client requirements. 

8. Entrily

Entrily is a global student admission marketplace. It empowers students and education consultants to search and shortlist from a wide range of courses top Institutions offer from its search directory.  The platform allows the user to identify, shortlist and apply for the opt courses with a perfectly streamlined process using the technology.

Entrily, a UK-based company founded by Mouttou Viramouttou, empowers international student recruitment. Entrily is experiencing remarkable growth, with a staggering 60% increase in application volumes month-on-month in 2023. It boasts an impressive success rate for student applications. It also maintains a high visa success rate, ensuring smooth transitions for aspiring international students.

Entrily offers access to over 50,000+ trending courses across 660+ institutions worldwide. Its platform is complemented by 750 active student recruitment partners, ensuring global comprehensive coverage and student support.

Entrily provides free access for partners for a limited time, along with a dedicated account manager and transparent commission payouts. Additionally, it offers the Entrily Academy, empowering individuals to become certified student counsellors.

9. DaivagyaG

DaivagyaG, the best astrology and Vastu consultancy in India founded by Dr Dev Swarup Shastri in 2005, has achieved prestigious recognition, including inclusion in the London Book of World Records. This esteemed honour acknowledges the company’s dedication to preserving and promoting ancient Indian wisdom across diverse fields like astrology, Vastu, numerology, and Astro-Vastu.

DaivagyaG has empowered individuals through personalised consultations for nearly two decades, generating over 5,000 detailed Vastu maps and 250,000 insightful Kundali readings. Their holistic approach integrates traditional knowledge with modern interpretations, offering guidance on various life aspects – relationships, career, health, and more.

The London Book of World Records confirms the company’s standing as a reliable resource. It empowers them to continue promoting understanding and appreciation for these time-tested traditions.

10. is a platform where India’s expert dermatologist doctors give the best online consultations with treatment and solutions to patients who have skin diseases, hair loss problems, acne problems, and inner part itching problems via chat and video calls. was founded by Dr. Ruchir Shah (M.B, D.V.D). He has established his career in the field of teledermatology. He has regularly given online dermatologist consultations to his all-tele skin clinic outlets for eight years. The company was established with a vision of consulting patients online and a passion for counselling them about their skin conditions. is the one-stop solution for all skin and hair concerns. offers online dermatologist consultations with board-certified dermatologists. One can consult them from anywhere and anytime. The online dermatologist consultation services cover therapy for hair loss, acne, ringworm, urticaria, vitiligo, melasma, Versicolor, and general skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and urticaria.

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